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Street Sweeping

Keeping roads clean and safe for everyone.


Efficient Property Cleaning and Maintenance

At Factory Sweeping, we specialize in street sweeping services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques. Our team is dedicated to keeping your property clean and presentable, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for workers, residents and visitors alike.

Why Street Sweep?


Enhanced Curb Appeal

A clean exterior sets a positive first impression for customers and partners, boosting a business's reputation and attracting foot traffic.


Safer Customer Experience

Regular street sweeping reduces slip and trip hazards, minimizing the risk of accidents and liability claims on your property.


Environmental Responsibility

Supporting street sweeping reduces pollution in your community, demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Long-Term Cost Savings

Preventing debris buildup and damage to your pavement extends its lifespan, saving you money on costly repairs.


Regulatory Compliance

Complying with local ordinances for property maintenance, for example SWPPP, helps you avoid fines and legal troubles, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Types of Street Sweeping

HOA Street Sweeping Services

Our HOA street sweeping services are designed to keep your neighborhood clean and free from debris. We use state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals to ensure throrough and efficient cleaning.


Got Street Sweeping Questions?

We're here for your every street sweeping concern.


How often should I schedule street sweeping for my property?


How does street sweeping contribute to a positive community image?

The frequency depends on factors like traffic and weather. Typically, quarterly or monthly services maintain a clean and welcoming environment.

A well-maintained exterior creates a positive first impression. Street sweeping demonstrates a commitment to community cleanliness and boosts the overall aesthetic appeal.


Can street sweeping help prevent property damage?

Yes, regular sweeping removes debris that can cause wear and tear, enhancing the longevity of your property and minimizing potential damage.


What types of debris can street sweeping effectively remove?

Our services efficiently remove a range of debris, including leaves, trash, sand, and litter, ensuring a thorough clean for a pristine appearance.


Do you provide eco-friendly street sweeping services?

Yes, our services prioritize environmental sustainability, utilizing equipment and practices that minimize our ecological footprint.


Can street sweeping help with stormwater management?

Absolutely, regular street sweeping prevents debris buildup in storm drains, reducing the risk of flooding and contributing to effective stormwater management in your area.

Clean Streets, Happy Spaces.
Call for Expert Street Sweeping Today.

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